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Load Runner LLC, you call the shots – We Work for You! Just consider us your remote administrative team. You make the ultimate call on where to be dispatched, with our flat rate fee you keep 100% of the payload.

In this plan you are limited to 1 credit check per week. If you are only needing the ‘Paperwork Plan’ but would like to have access to more credit checks, that’s fine! You would fall under the ‘Custom Plan’ & we would have to find out how many credit checks per month you would need.

Setting up paperwork with a Shipper or Broker can be very frustrating for drivers. Especially if a trucker is having to fill out the paperwork & fax it from a truck-stop. And if a load drops on you after all that work has been completed & money was spent copying, printing & faxing? “Oh Boy!”, is a nice way to express the aggravation. No need to hassle with the time & money consuming paperwork ever again. Let us print, sign, email & fax all the documentation for you.

This plan has ‘Limited’ the amount of faxes & emails, so that it doesn’t get abused. The only faxing or emails done on your behalf will be restricted to the load being worked on. We are not a faxing or emailing service. However, if you’ve ever had to use a truck-stop to copy, scan, or fax your documents then you know this plan alone can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary truck-stop fees alone.